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Vanguard Solutions Middle East (VSME) is a technical safety, risk engineering and management consultancy based in UAE. Our services include Hazard Identification Studies, Risk Assessment and Management, Value Improvement Practices, Reliability and Optimization Studies. Since June 2014, VSME has been a subsidiary of “CMR GexCon” which specializes in gas dispersion, and explosion modelling using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
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ABC Surveys was formed, in 2007, in the United Arab Emirates, with the vision to be the leading partner, in Middle East, in geomatics, through a culmination of the best products, technology and cost effective solutions. We aim to provide geomatic services that combine to produce the best projects and cost management in our industry. Our work integrates acquisition, modeling, analysis and management of spatially referenced data.
More details www.abcsurveys.biz

Tetrachrome is a horizontally integrated consultancy which specializes in both domains of plant operation and plant design, resulting in ability to perform overall optimization of the plant/project life cycle in terms of cost, efficiency, fit for purpose design and operational expenses. Extensive experience in benchmarking and troubleshooting of the existing process operations represents another domain of Tetrachrome business, providing clients with opportunities for low-cost upgrades and debottlenecking of the facilities.
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